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Ordinary Woman making Extraordinary tiny steps

An Ordinary Woman making Extraordinary tiny steps.

From the Instagram Post on Mindful Tasks Academy

I remember sitting in my class on the last semester, and the teacher shared the information about the potential career we can expect ahead, on the board he wrote two columns, the financial advisor and the financial planner option, the next line under each career he wrote the numbers that, potentially, these careers can have in return, on financial advisor he wrote 100k a year, and under financial planner 50k a year, he also explain the reason why financial advisor was potentially higher than financial planner, most kids in the classroom, I said kids because I was a woman in my late 30s and early 40s when I return to a classroom, and the kids were mid 20s or even some early 20s. 

Ok, so the kids were very enthusiastic about making 100k a year, at this point I had already put on my vision board 90k a year. My military career had just ended, and I was more towards Financial Planner because it seems it was more about sharing information, but still something did not quite fit.

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Late 2022 early 2023 I had a mental breakdown, I left my job at the bank and I started a search for “what is wrong with me?” which led me to hire a Life Coach, the best decision I have ever made, and I had a question asked “if money was not the issue, what would you like to do?” Of course this is in the career option, to which I say “I want to reach the masses in Financial Education” and just like that another search began, and I found that a career as Financial Coach exists.

I started creating a business plan, because of course I am after all, business major, then I started taking courses, and educating myself on this career, and the Mission was born “Empowerment Through Financial Education to Individuals, Families and Couples that lack in resources” why the lack of resources? You might ask, because most people believe that Financial Advisors or Financial Planners are just for the Wealthy, and I am here to tell you it is not! 

Everybody, even me, should look for continuous education and self improvement. The key is to approach every topic, even if you are a master in it, as a beginner. I am currently taking classes in investments, and even though I took them in college, and I did pretty well, and I have done quite -little bit- well on my own investments, I still continue to approach other instructors courses with a beginning mindset, and I have learned so much! This is why I have also created courses, my primary focus is on the root of the personal finances, MINDSET! Which comes from the relationship that has been built around society and government rules, in addition to personal beliefs created at a younger age. I guess that's why I call myself a Financial Coach with a holistic approach. 

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I also continue to improve my skills through education and certifications from different aspects besides the technical stuff of personal finances


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